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                  What makes our Farmhouse tables different from others.......You may have noticed that our prices are higher than some companies, and there are several good reasons for this.

1) All of our construction methods are time tested and durable. We use deep mortise tenon joints for the legs, pegged through with white oak pins and dovetailed joints for the drawers. Our legs are turned on an antique lathe one at a time. No removable legs or aprons. Your table is constructed just as if it had been made 200 years ago.

2) Each board is chosen for it's appearance. We go through stacks of lumber to find just the right ones for the look we have achieved, especially for the top boards.

3) We use full thickness 1" boards for our tops and aprons. With two reinforcing braces under the top for extra strength. With the extra thick option the tops are a full 1 3/4".

4) No sandpaper touches the surface of our tables. You cannot achieve the appearance of age without using the proper tools. All of the tops and aprons are hand planed and the edges are shaped with a draw knife and spoke shave. Just like the old craftsmen did years ago.

5) Our aging process takes several days to complete. We do not simply "whack" the table with a chain and call it "distressed". We build up the "wear and "use" marks that would have occurred over time. Adding layers of color throughout the process and using upwards of 8 to 10 different objects to create a worn, well used Farmhouse Table. We have actually fooled antique dealers with our finishes.

6) We "do not" use an oil and wax finish as so many others do. This is not a durable finish; it is easily damaged and needs frequent attention. Instead, we use three built up coats of a very durable varnish. It does not have a thick or shiny appearance. After this, we apply two coats of wax with steel wool which leaves the surface very smooth, creating a deep satin sheen. This is very time consuming, but well worth the effort.

7) Lastly, when you call to order, you speak directly to the builder of your table. This way you can be assured of having exactly what you want in a custom made Farmhouse Table.

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                 Scott Hawley, Hawley's Fine Woodworking


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Pine Farm House Tables Options and Prices Page

Check out our White Scrubbed Pine and Cracked Paint Farmhouse Tables 

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