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All Tables are custom made, with any size available

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Pine Farmhouse Table prices and options




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New Standardized Shipping Costs

All Tables Are Delivered To Your Home

             All tables can be custom sized, so if you don't see the one you need, just give us a call and we'll be glad to quote a price. 

             All table tops come with hand carved grooves between each board to resemble  the planked top construction of early New England tables. These "planking grooves" come standard unless otherwise requested by the customer.

Vermont table in pine with turned legs and breadboard ends :

(Optional 6" Breadboard Ends available at no extra charge)


42" x 60" -   $2460.00  

42" x 72" -    $2510.00 

42" x 84" -    $2560.00 

42" x 96" -    $2610.00 


Options :

 Company Boards, now available as an option. 12' or 18" deep extensions that slide into the ends of our Farmhouse tables. They lock in place and are adjustable for fit. Price per pair for either size........

Pine Company Boards - $425.00

Hardwood Company Boards - $475.00

Larger Company boards available to 30" - cost and availability depending on table style


Drawers - $235.00 each

 5 1/2" Turned Leg - $175.00 extra (per 4 legs) (standard size is 4")

New - 7" Vermont Green Mountain Leg - Pine $375.00 (per 4 legs)

Any of our hardwoods , Cherry, Oak , Maple...........$475.00 (per 4 legs)

Reproduction Antique Legs - $225.00 (per 4 legs)

1 " Standard Top (Any Hardwood)- $225.00 extra

1 1/2" Thick Top (Hardwoods)- $325.00 extra

1 3/4" Thick Top (Pine)- $180.00 extra

Hardwood upgrade for table base - $400.00 extra

New - Wrought iron corner brackets - $300.00 for a set of 8....two for each table legwith hand forged nails included   

New - Wrought iron twisted leg supports - $140.00 for a set of 8.....two for each table leg with hand forged nails included    

 6254.jpg (192047 bytes)     (Both Corner Brackets and Leg Supports are shown here)    6253.jpg (181357 bytes)

All our wrought iron work is forged right here in our own blacksmith shop. Each piece is made one at a time, heated in a coal forge and hand hammered on an antique anvil. There is no paint on our iron work. The piece is heated again at the end of forging and an oil finish is then applied. This turns the metal to a black brown color that replicates the look of antique wrought iron.


 New - Flush apron and bead style table base - $150.00 extra. Available in all woods


Current Colors Available :

Paint colors....."White Scrubbed Pine" -   A white paint is applied to our Farmhouse tables after our usual aging and distressing and is then worn away in areas that would have happened on an original table. The top is then scrubbed down to resemble even more wear that would have occurred through countless cleanings over the years. This method is available with all our colors as well.

- Black cracked paint over red

-Red cracked paint over green

-Yellow and sky blue

All paint colors available in any configuration. Color and finish samples sent out upon request.

White Scrubbed Pine - base and top $325.00

Painted Base price......One or two colors----$225.00

Base and top painted, one or two colors----$150.00

Other woods available, please call.

All finish options are available for our Pine Farmhouse Coffee Tables as well.

Standard size Pine Coffee Table - 32" x 48" - $1275.00 plus shipping.

Price increases or decreases from the standard size by $3.00 per inch length and width for pine and $5.00 per inch  length and width any hardwood. All Coffee Tables include one drawer with an antiqued brass knob and turned legs. Any size and wood are available. All shipping costs for Coffee Tables determined by location and final weight of item when crated.


Benches are available in any size and wood. Benches six feet long and over will have a center leg for additional strength.

Standard size Pine Bench 16" wide x 48" long - $425.00

Price increases by $25.00 per foot of length in Pine and $40.00 per foot of length in any hardwood.


Purchase policy


We request a 1/3rd deposit at the time your order is placed. We take our

business very seriously and my commitment to filling our order obligations. I

expect the same commitment to the order from my customers with their deposits.

This is why we have a "no refund on deposits after 30 days" policy. This

policy is in place to prevent the indiscriminate cancellation of an order and to

protect our time and effort, especially with custom pieces.

A time frame for delivery will be given at the time the order is placed.

This usually ranges from 3 to 6 months depending on the time of year. These

time frames are "estimated " and can vary due to the nature of each piece.

We request patience as our effort put into each piece is considerable and

my second policy of "absolutely nothing leaves here until it is right" is

fulfilled. This dedication to quality has served us well for 19 years of

business. We look forward to continue serving our customers building furniture that

will last generations.


Thank you,

Scott Hawley

Hawley's Fine Woodworking





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